Benefits to Our Clients

Canterbury Consulting is proud to have clients in the provincial government, the construction industry, the aerospace and defense sector and the information technology/digital industry.

There is a need for organizations, through a consulting relationship, to have access to timely, clear and cost-efficient advice and solutions in areas such as corporate/commercial legal requirements, strategic business consulting, contract review and agreement management. Canterbury Consulting fills that needs for its public and private sector clients.

The services provided by Canterbury Consulting will benefit your organization by:

1. Helping to alleviate workloads on current team members and senior management so issues are addressed before they become problems;

2. Assisting the organization’s senior leaders, business development and operations teams and risk management experts by having an experienced business strategy professional and lawyer/contracts specialist providing advice to your organization; and,

3. Most importantly, saving your organization time and money as it would not need to address these types of problems alone or use expensive, outside resources.


Canterbury Consulting is led by Chris Giddens. Chris holds a BBA from Acadia University and MBA and LLB degrees from Dalhousie University. Chris has over fifteen years’ experience providing various organizations with business and legal services. He enjoys helping good organizations become even better by combining his corporate and commercial legal expertise with thorough business development understanding, strategic change supervision and career experience in both the public and private sectors.

Chris worked in the federal public service and provided organizations in Atlantic Canada with a range of business services including strategic management, financial and export assistance, economic development and various other commercial initiatives. Chris then moved to take on new challenges in the private sector where he led the legal and commercial management for two of Atlantic Canada’s top aerospace and defense companies. Chris’ experience at these two companies included managing complex government contracts, leading the supply chain function, including the procurement function, proposal creation and management and leading teams through the change management process.

Most recently, Chris was legal counsel for Canada’s largest independent fuel distributor. In this role he provided a wide range of business and legal services both in Canada and the United States, including work in mergers and acquisitions, litigation, agreement drafting and negotiation and numerous other corporate/commercial initiatives.

Chris lives in Fall River, Nova Scotia with his wife and two children and can usually be found at the rink or ball field coaching or watching his kids play, or attempting to play himself.