Reviewing Contracts/Agreements

Canterbury Consulting can assist your company with reviews and assessment of incoming and outgoing contracts/agreements as well as with various legislation and regulations. Examples include master service agreements, sub-contractor agreements, changes or add-ons to Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) documents, credit agreements , asset sale agreements, financial and banking arrangements and real property and asset leases. Let Canterbury Consulting review these types of agreements on your behalf and provide you with key areas of concern so you and your team can focus on other areas of the business knowing all your agreements have been professionally reviewed and assessed.

Drafting Contracts

Drafting Contracts/Agreements

Canterbury Consulting has expertise in the drafting and creation of various legal agreements and contracts, from complex purchase and sale documents to smaller, “quick-need” business agreements. We can help you create and draft contracts and agreements that meet your business needs, protect what is important to your business, all without endless legal jargon and needless paperwork.

Negotiating Contracts/Agreements

Canterbury Consulting can help you at the negotiating table when you are faced with working through an agreement with a partner, supplier or sub-contractor. We work directly with your team to decide on the most appropriate negotiating strategy to ensure you complete the negotiation with a realization of your goals. Canterbury Consulting can also work directly with your partner, supplier or sub-contractor’s lawyers and contract specialists to help move your business goals forward.

Managing Contracts

Managing Contracts/Agreements

Canterbury Consulting has significant experience with the management of contracts/agreements. We can help you maintain all of your contracts/agreements and track various clauses and issues so your business does not miss important dates or requirements and continues to remain in compliance with its contractual requirements. Canterbury Consulting has particular experience with the management of complex, multi-faceted Government of Canada contracts, their negotiation and their ongoing reporting requirements.

Conducting Legislative Review

Conducting Legislative Review and Assessment

Canterbury Consulting can help your company navigate the ever-changing world of legislation and regulations which may affect how your company operates and does business. We can review the necessary legislation and work with your team to suggest changes to your operations to ensure you are in compliance with the existing legislation and any potential, future updates or changes.

Providing Legal Counsel Services

Providing Legal Counsel Services

Canterbury Consulting can act as your in-house legal counsel. Similar to the recent trend of “CFO for Hire”, Canterbury Consulting is uniquely positioned to offer your business full time, part time or ad hoc legal counsel services.

In addition to the broad legal services listed above, please feel free to ask Canterbury Consulting about any of your legal needs. Canterbury Consulting has many contacts in the Nova Scotia legal community and, if we are unable to assist you directly, we can put you in touch with someone with the expertise to help you.

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